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3 varieties of kiwi:Yellow Heart Kiwi,Qin Mei kiwi,Yate kiwi
May 03, 2017

Yellow Heart Kiwi

Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University of Science and Technology Center, Shaanxi Province, agricultural product quality supervision and inspection station detection, the soluble solids than Qin Mei 10%, 5.5% of total sugar, vitamin C 68.3%, hardness 13.6km. 96 years from the natural wild kiwi fruit seeds found in the fine individual, by the Chinese kiwi and delicious kiwi natural hybrid offspring.


Qin Mei kiwi
 Kiwi fruit flesh and more fat, fragrant and delicious, sweet and sour, resistant to storage. Timely harvest of fresh fruit, at room temperature can be put a month is not bad; in low temperature conditions can even fresh five or six months or more. In addition to fresh, but also processed into fruit juice, jam, wine, canned sugar, dried fruit, fruit, etc., these products or yellow, or brown, or orange, color attractive, delicious, nutritious value as fresh fruit, so Become a health food for navigation, aviation, plateau and high temperature staff. Kiwi juice has become the national athletes preferred health drinks, but also the elderly, children, frail sick tonic fruit.


Yate kiwi
 Yate kiwi for the early maturing varieties, each year on August 10 in the kiwi town of Shaanxi listed.
 Yate kiwi taste: sweet taste
 Fruit color: green fruit


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