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30 acres of kiwi live into the greenhouse
Jun 19, 2017

Due to the great impact of climate factors, kiwi plantation has long been "eat by day", especially in recent years, kiwi fruit in the critical period, often accompanied by rainy weather, causing pollination difficulties, pests and diseases increased. Among the many kiwifruit varieties, red kiwi fruit on the climatic environment of the highest requirements.

    "red kiwi is particularly afraid of heat, fear of freezing, fear of flooding, especially germination, flowering season, especially fear of low temperature and humidity weather, easy to cause 'ulcer disease'." Montenegro kiwi greenhouses cultivation laboratory technical staff Jian Shi told reporters , Ulcer disease as kiwi cancer, has a strong contagious, the disease will not only reduce the yield and quality of kiwi, serious will lead to its "garden" destroyed. While the open-minded red kiwi resistance to natural disasters is very weak, more easily get "ulcer disease."

    The use of greenhouse cultivation techniques, for the red kiwi fruit to avoid a series of unfavorable factors to create favorable conditions. "The use of greenhouse cultivation techniques to grow red kiwi fruit, almost removed from the plant suffering from" ulcer disease "and other pests and diseases of concern, and the fruit color better, better taste, production has also been greatly improved." Jian Shi said.

    At present, the black kiwi kiwi greenhouses cultivation experiment garden in the heart of kiwi fruit has been fruiting, the workers are kiwi bagging operations, each covered with branches of small kiwi, indicates the joy of harvest scene.

    "Experimental Park covers an area of 30 acres, acres of red kiwi 220 strains, a total of 6600 trees planted." Jian Shi wrote to the reporter in mind, if each heart red kiwi fruit production of 10 kg, then this year's experimental park Of kiwi fruit production up to nearly 6,600 kilograms. "According to last year's red kiwi fruit 40 yuan / kg of the lowest price, this year's total output value will reach 2.7 million yuan, the benefits are very impressive." Jian Shi said.

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