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Apple's nutritional value
Jun 14, 2017

Apple has "wisdom fruit", "memory fruit" reputation. People have long found that eating apples have improved memory, improve the effect of intelligence. Apple is not only rich in sugar, vitamins and minerals and other essential nutrients the brain, and more importantly, rich in zinc. According to the study, zinc is an important part of many important enzymes in the human body, is to promote the growth and development of key elements. Zinc is widely involved in the metabolism of proteins, fats and sugars through enzymes. Zinc is also an indispensable element of nucleic acids and proteins that are closely related to memory. Zinc deficiency can make the cerebral cortex edge hippocampus dysplasia, affect the memory, the experiment also proved that reducing the food in the zinc, children's memory and learning ability by serious obstacles. Zinc is also produced with antibodies, improve human immunity are closely related.


Apple efficacy and role:

1, the apple has the effect of lowering the cholesterol content

French researchers have experimented with: eating apples can reduce blood cholesterol levels, increase bile secretion and bile acid function, which can avoid cholesterol precipitation in the bile to form gallstones. Some people found that people who often eat apples, more than 50% of people, their cholesterol content than those who do not eat apples 10% lower.

2, Apple also has a laxative and antidiarrheal dual effect and role

Apple contains the cellulose can make the large intestines within the feces soft; Apple is rich in organic acids, can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, to promote smooth stool. On the other hand, Apple contains pectin, but also inhibit the intestinal abnormalities peristalsis, so that digestive activity slows, thereby inhibiting mild diarrhea.

3, Apple has the effect of lowering blood pressure.


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