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Cause of kiwi fruit drop
May 05, 2017

Many kiwi growers consultation, recently planted kiwi why kiwifruit is more serious, mainly with the external environment, nutrition accumulation and distribution, pollination process.

Summed up the following points:


1, the external environmental impact, such as flowering encountered low temperature frost or dry hot air, will make pollination invalid, there is no flower like. In case of water or poor drainage, prone to root rot, resulting in falling fruit.

 2, last year, too much fruit, the accumulation of nutrients accumulated lack of trees.

 3, improper fertilization, nutrition single. At present, the fruit management of kiwi fruit kiwifruit widespread "heavy yield, light weight. Heavy inorganic, light organic. Heavy, light weight. Heavy ground, light on the" bad phenomenon, resulting in crop elements of the ratio of unscientific, unbalanced , Affecting the plant's balanced absorption and utilization of nutrients, easily lead to lack of disease caused by fruit drop. 

4, serious "overload". Because Huaguang, Hongyang, early gold and other kiwifruit varieties, buds dense, frost-resistant, high budding rate, if not pay attention to wiping buds, topping and thinning fruit, nutrient inefficient consumption too much, once into the reproductive period, tree Potential will gradually weaken, can not guarantee the fruit must grow nutrition, will inevitably lead to falling flowers, fruit drop, or even premature death.

5, improper pruning, tree potential partial Wang. Due to improper application of base fertilizer, summer vegetative growth is too busy, there is no timely pruning, a large number of nutrients are consumed by the shoots, fruit and fruit potential, resulting in kiwi fruit trees around the big fruit almost all off, but also induced ulcer disease in the coming year.

6, ignore the prevention. Flower before and after the pest control and spray boron calcium is very important, if not in advance to prevent and add nutrition, the bacteria will be from the petals Xie cut into the wounds of swoop into the.

7, pollination tree with improper, did not do full pollination.

8, abuse of hormones. In recent years, some places in the use of kiwi fruit "big fruit spirit", cell division too fast, resulting in fruit heart cracking, hardening brown, pulp relaxation. Fruit disease resistance is poor. 

9, bagging early. As the fruity is too heavy, the proportion of leaf fruit serious imbalance, kiwi fruit sunburn serious. Fruit bagging time is generally ahead of time. Recommended bagging is best to avoid high temperature weather, the best after bagging, can also take appropriate to increase the thickness of the method of leaf layer, remove the bagging.

10, pest. Such as bugs or spotted cicada and other hazards, the fruit will have a hard spot, hard spots below the formation of sponge-like, severe rot. In the process of harm also produce coal pollution, so that the fruit and leaves coal-like pollution, leaves can not be photosynthesis and dry, there fruit drop.

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