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China kiwi own brand development prospects can be expected
Jul 11, 2017

In recent years, China's kiwi fruit production and planting area is growing rapidly, the production is concentrated but the export is insufficient. Mainly distributed in the five major producing areas, Shaanxi Zhouzhi kiwi industry ranks the highest in the country, Sichuan Pujiang focus on the core competitiveness of R & D highlights. Kiwi online sales growth rate rapidly, 2012 ~ 2016 annual growth rate of 20%, "80" became the absolute consumption of the main force ... ... June 30, 2017 China Chengdu International Kiwi Hope Conference, the first release of the " China kiwi industry development report 2017 ".

"China kiwi fruit industry development report 2017" pointed out that China is the birthplace of kiwi, climate resources, rich germplasm resources, there are other countries can not copy the advantages. Although China is currently producing kiwi fruit, but in the cultivation of links and product quality standardization, planting production organization model innovation, logistics and transportation, brand marketing and international advanced level there is still a great

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