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Chinese Academy of Sciences to help Shaanxi Meixian kiwi industry on the cloud
Sep 04, 2017

Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences He Jinfeng and his studio members and his party in Shaanxi Meixian research kiwi industry development, "Meixian kiwi industry cloud construction project" to conduct research and negotiations.


"Agricultural cloud" project is the He Jingfeng academician studio to help the government to establish the Internet industry platform to "political research" cooperation as a starting point, through cloud computing, large data, mobile Internet, sensors, Internet of things and other modern technologies to solve agriculture Production, circulation, government regulation, integrity system construction and other aspects of the problem. Meixian County People's Government and He Jinfeng studio on-site signed the "Meixian scientific research base construction" agreement (pictured), hired He Jinfeng "Meixian kiwi industry cloud construction chief scientist", He Jinfeng studio expert group members "Meixian kiwi industry Cloud construction experts. "


He Jingzhou and his entourage went to the national kiwi fruit industry park, Qi Feng fruit industry, Jinqiao fruit industry, Meixian Tianjiazhai kiwi base, etc., to investigate the production status of kiwi kiwi and storage, sales, brand building, Development conducted a comprehensive survey.


It is reported that Meixian is the national kiwifruit production county, the county kiwi cultivation area of 30 million mu, area, yield and quality of the forefront of the country, He Jinfeng academician studio "agricultural cloud" project, will focus on breaking the modern information technology, County kiwi production and marketing development channels, and jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of industry.

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