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Cui Xiang kiwi sweet and refreshing, juicy and delicious
Jul 05, 2017

Cui Xiang kiwifruit varieties (formerly known as the West West 9), is Zhouzhi County in 1998, the second wild kiwi resources survey, found excellent strains, by the Xi'an Institute of kiwi fruit and Zhouzhi County Agricultural Experimental Station breeding, From 2008 to 2007 lasted 8 years breeding, in 2008 through the fruit trees in Shaanxi Province validation, Cuixiang kiwi varieties, premature high yield performance, good resistance to stress, wide adaptability, fruit sweet, sweet and refreshing, coincides with our The traditional "Mid-Autumn Festival", "National Day" before the holiday is mature, is one of the more ideal fresh fruit varieties.


Fruit long spindle type, vertical diameter 6.5 cm, diameter 4.5 cm, the average fruit 92 grams, the largest single fruit 130 grams, peel yellowish brown, fruit flour yellow, brown hair easy to fall off, peel thicker. Fruit juice with green, fine texture and juicy, sweet and refreshing, flavor and fragrant, fruit ripening hardness of 19.7kg / cm2, fruit juice with total sugar 5.5%, acid 1.3%, vc62mg / 100g, edible soluble solids content of 19% Mature fruit at room temperature after ripening 12-15 days, zero conditions, storage and preservation of 3-4 months.


Trees strong, branches harder, young leaves young and purple, dense red hair, perennial branches brown with obvious sparse oval-shaped lenticels, no bayonet, leaf elliptic or rounded, leaf longitudinal diameter 15 × 16 cm Petiole lavender or light green, foliage green on the Ze, flowers monochrome, milky white, with aroma, flower diameter 6 cm, sprout germination in late March, early May flowering, late August to mid-September fruit ripening, fruit Growth and development period 120-140 days, early November frost leaves.


Cui Xiang kiwi sweet and refreshing, juicy and delicious, is the green heart of the leader, the quality is the best choice for gifts.

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