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Do you know the delicious kiwi fruit of the four kiwis in China?
Apr 25, 2017

There are 54 varieties of kiwifruit cultivated in the world, of which 52 are China. The remaining two are New Zealand's 'G3 (Gold 3)' and 'Hayward' breeds. The reason why there are many varieties of our country, in addition to master the rich wild kiwi resources, but also rely on scientific research personnel research efforts. You know that these 52 varieties can be divided into four major lines.


This is the four major lines are the Department of Chinese, delicious lines, jujube and hairy class. As for the four names is how the origin, the author did not know, if any who see the four names is how the origin of the article can be a message below, but also to the author universal about. 52 varieties of artificial cultivation is mainly the Chinese and delicious system, today we first talk about this article delicious kiwi fruit.

Delicious kiwi is the most easy to see in life, this type of kiwi have a significant feature, that is, there are villi villi. You may ask, kiwi body are not hair it? In fact, like the Department of Chinese kiwi body villi rarely very short, jujube class kiwi body no hair. In addition to the villi of this feature, the delicious Department of kiwi fruit is mostly green.

kiwi fruits.jpg

Do not ask, kiwi fruit in addition to green, there are yellow, yellow flesh belongs to the Department of Chinese, which in the next article will be described in detail. Since today we talk about delicious kiwi, then delicious there is a classic variety to say. This variety is Hayward.

 You say you can not tell Hayward, it does not matt
er. As long as you are in the super or fruit store, see posted with Zespri label and with fluffy kiwi fruit, which is Hayward varieties. This variety is selected by the New Zealander Hayward Wright, because of its excellent resistance to storage and transportation quality, is still the world's main varieties.

Although Hayward is still the world's main varieties, but with the progress of the times and scientific research and technological breakthroughs, and now in the Department of kiwi fruit, has been selected out of a lot of taste better than Hayward, fruit and storage And Hayward comparable to the variety. And these new varieties are also our Chinese researchers to learn out, whenever mentioned here, suddenly raised the infinite pride.

 Then these new breeding out of the delicious kiwi varieties, which are beyond Hayward's it? They were selected from Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, were selected in 1975, Xu Xiang varieties, by the Xi'an Institute of kiwi in 2008 and selected by the Shaanxi Provincial Fruit Variety Approval Committee approved by the Cui Xiang varieties.

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