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Does the herbicide affect kiwi trees?
Jun 20, 2017

Kiwi fruit is the king, taste sweet and sour, juicy meat, with a lot of vitamin C, potassium, calcium and other easy beauty beauty, anti-aging, promote digestion effect, however, the development of kiwi cultivation in management is a high technological content Of the project, in the use of herbicides must pay attention to the following aspects:


 in the cultivation of kiwi before, should first use glyphosate, or forest with Whale herbicide on the surface of the skin spray, so that the soil does not contain more toxic invisible ingredients.


to be a week later, when the fruitlets as low as 50 cm below, and then paraquat herbicide spray, or when the fruit is higher than 50 cm above, can also be used 30% glyphosate plus butachlor herbicide Spray, control weeds again germination, in the spraying of the time, be careful of the root leaves by phytotoxicity.


in order to avoid the fruit by the injury, the best way should be the use of wheat straw, straw, and other types of straw mat on the orchard floor covered. After the cover should always keep the straw mat wet. So that the orchard weeds never survived. Color with this method on your fruit trees flowering, pollination, fruiting are nothing affected. Say so much, do not imitate you try, drink your next year orchard get a bumper harvest.

Herbicides will certainly have a certain impact on walnut trees, because the herbicide itself is to kill green plants. However, the normal use of herbicides, the walnut trees will not cause a great impact, and, even if the walnut garden, but also the use of herbicides, especially large areas of walnut garden, it should be said to use herbicides, Artificial weeding, the cost will be very high, and the effect will not be very good

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