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Domestic kiwi listed kiwifruit prices crashed down
Aug 08, 2017

Kiwi and kiwifruits can be described as "twin brother", not only looks similar, nutritional value is almost, the difference is not big taste. Kiwi is imported fruit, the price is more expensive than the traditional kiwi. Because of this, when the kiwi listed, the price of kiwifruit crashed, sales greatly reduced.

Yesterday, in Nanan City Xinhua Street, a fruit shop, the reporter saw the domestic kiwi has been listed, the price of 7.98 yuan / 500g. And half a month before the price of 3.9 yuan / month of the strange green fruit, the price as long as 3 yuan / month; the original price of 6 yuan / month of strange gold fruit, also down to 3.9 yuan / month, a kiwi about 100g. Even so, buy kiwi consumers are still much less than buying kiwi fruit.

In the urban success of another supermarket, the situation is much the same, for the kiwi, the public see more to buy less, and domestic kiwi no lack of patrons.

Citizen Huang aunt told reporters that domestic kiwi not only cheap, but also more fresh, now this season, eat kiwi fruit more affordable.

The industry to remind you that in the purchase of kiwi fruit, should choose more uniform color, fruit type more regular, pinch up soft and hard uniform kiwi. In addition, pay attention to kiwi ripening period, need to place a week or so, in order to achieve a better taste. If you put together with apples and bananas, you can eat two or three days.

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