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Drought control measures of kiwi fruits in Summer
Jun 07, 2017

Strengthen the kiwi tree tree nutrition, enhance the resistance of kiwi tree drought resistance in the summer before entering the high temperature in mid to late June, the kiwi Taoyuan applied a fertilizer to phosphorus and potassium-based, small trees each half a catty Strains of pound, so that not only can enhance the tree nutrition, strengthen the tree drought and resistance, but also improve the accumulation of dry matter of fruit to improve the sugar content.


Do a good tree cover tree cover, you can reduce the tree soil temperature, reduce water evaporation. Covering rotten and then as organic fertilizer, improved tree soil structure, improve the organic matter content. At the same time in the artificial watering play a buffer role, to avoid watering caused by soil surface compaction.


Built the park irrigation and drainage system kiwi tree afraid of drought, afraid of stains. Therefore, in the kiwi plantation area must be built irrigation and drainage system, to be able to drain irrigation. In case of summer rain, there is poor drainage, water for 12 hours, the root will be hurt, more than twenty-four hours will appear death. Especially in the place where the water, after the storm in the case of high temperature, the kiwi leaves will immediately wilting and then leaves, so we must pay attention to drainage. At the same time, into the summer to build irrigation systems to micro-spray or drip irrigation better.


Regular watering summer hot season, in the absence of rain or rain is not wet through the soil, every three days to pour enough water. Artificial watering can take water or pumping water tree, trees each watering 150 kg per tree, trees 50 kg / plant, seedlings 10 kg / plant. It should be noted that whether it is artificial or watering facilities, should be poured on the tree soil, to avoid sprinkling on the leaves, or at high temperatures caused by leaves, watering time is best in the morning and evening.

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