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Explore Meixian National Kiwi Industrial Park
Apr 13, 2017

Heaven-sent world kiwi fruit, to fenxian kiwi fruit. In the past few years, relying on the advantages of state-level platform, Meixian kiwi industry developed rapidly, "Meixian kiwi" became the kiwi sector of the gold standard. April 8, Baoji News Network New Year walk Grass-roots "catch up to see Baoji a county and a district to see changes" interview group reporter into the national (Meixian) kiwi industrial park was informed that this year there will be two fruit juice processing enterprises in the park put into operation.


Meixian is a "kiwi world", the current kiwi cultivation area has reached 30 million mu, 121 villages in the county planted kiwi, accounting for 99% of the total number of administrative villages, kiwi practitioners reached 120,000 people. In 2016 the county kiwi fruit area of 27 million mu, the total output of 460,000 tons, the output value of 2.9 billion, kiwi industry has become the pillow industry in Meixian rural economy and farmers to become rich leading industry.


  In recent years, relying on the national level (Meixian) kiwifruit industrial park platform role, Meixian efforts to build kiwi fruit industry group company economy, agricultural products e-commerce demonstration park economy, the park agricultural products storage processing economy and Shaanxi-chuan-chuan international agricultural logistics economy The development of the "four in one" development pattern, and vigorously promote the information economy, exhibition economy and industrial economy coordinated development, become the national and international kiwi logistics distribution center, quality testing center, price formation center, information dissemination center, science and technology exchange center, Trade center and standardized production demonstration center, together to lead the country and the world kiwi industry transformation and development.

Source: Baoji News Network

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