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feel the practice of kiwi fruits dumplings
Jun 27, 2017

We take you to feel the practice of kiwi fruits dumplings, to your Dragon Boat Festival to bring a different kind of flavor.

kiwi fruits.png

First of all we have to prepare kiwi dry 120g, glutinous rice 500g, peanut a little (Xiao Bian eat peanuts so join the peanuts, of course, you can also join the other things you want). Dumpling leaves a few, glutinous rice 2 hours in advance bubble, peanut 4 hours in advance of the bubble, the leaves from the bulk of the head rolled up, rolled into a cone, the following into the glutinous rice and peanuts, the middle into the fruit, the above and then rice and Peanuts fill, do not over full, 9 achievements on the line, over the dumplings too porcelain, not soft waxy. From the top fold down, with the right hand pinch a corner turn back to Zongye, it becomes this is a quadrilateral, waist wrapped around. So dumplings on the package.

kiwi fruits.png

The next step is to cook dumplings under the pot, add water did not dumplings 1--2 cm, micro-fire cook about 2 hours. Micro-fire is a small fire, so that the water is slightly in the state of small bubbles can be. Cooked dumplings, open inside is flesh. Sweet and sour taste makes you memorable.

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