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Kiwi-The rapid domestication of emerging fruits-From the Chinese wild fruit turned to kiwi fruit
Apr 08, 2017

In 1904, New Zealand female teacher Isabel came to China to visit her sister in a church in Hubei Province and returned to New Zealand with a small bag of seeds of Actinidia deliciosa. This bag of seeds sprouts out the kiwi grows smoothly. In the global market, long-term occupation of high-end kiwi dominance of the species "Hayward", is in this batch of delicious kiwi offspring in the continuous selection and cultivation of varieties.

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In fact, before Isabel, there are many plant hunters have been the seeds of kiwi sent to Europe and the Americas. Which includes the famous British plant collector Wilson. Wilson has collected plant germplasm resources in China from 1899 to 1911, and collected important plant groups such as Davidia involucrata, poppy flower, primrose, Chuanmutong, Spiraea and Shuangshi wood. Resources play an important role in the development of gardening flowers in the West. Of course, Wilson did not miss the kiwi such special plants. In 1900, these kiwi seeds were well rooted, but by 1911 the British did not harvest the fruit of kiwi fruit. At the same time, the US Department of Agriculture also acquired the seeds of kiwi, they in the United States around the trial of more than 1300 kiwi fruit, unfortunately, these plants, such as living in the United Kingdom compatriots, also failed to bear fruit. Later, the survey found that the United Kingdom and the United States cultivated the first batch of delicious kiwi plants are male! It must not bear fruit!

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Like humans, plants are also sex, both can produce pollen (sperm) stamens, and can produce ovules (eggs) of the pistil, the two can cooperate with each other to achieve pollination fertilization, bear fruit. Apples and peaches and other common fruit trees have complete bisexual flowers. But kiwi is not the same, they are functional dioecious plants - male plants only stamens, can only produce pollen; and functional female plants, although both pistil and stamens, but these stamens are only furnishings Only, can not produce qualified pollen, these appearance of the bisexual flowers are only female flowers only. Therefore, all kiwi must be male and female plants with each other in order to truly achieve the results of flowering.

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