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harvesting, storage, pest control of kiwi
Apr 14, 2017

pest control

 First  the main pests and diseases are rotting, anthrax, blight, brown spot, fruit soft rot, phytophthora, root rot and scarlet, winged wings, bud maggots, kiwifruit and other moth, mainly take To strengthen management, enhance tree vigor, strengthen soil disinfection, strengthen the prevention of prevention and control of comprehensive prevention and control methods. Second, the fruit is burning the main road to strengthen the tree management and reasonable pruning. Fruit growth and development period (in late August), the use of bagging method can prevent burning disease. The following are the same as the "

kiwi harvest, storage

1. Harvest the general kiwi fruit solid content requirements in more than 6.2%. Chinese kiwi early maturing varieties in late August to early September, late varieties in the middle of September, late to early October harvest, delicious kiwi in the end of October to November, mid-harvest, no later than the exposed cream. Daily harvest time is best in the morning dew after dry to noon before harvest, the afternoon high temperature, the fruit is easy to heat in the basket. Fruit harvest after the general size of the specifications, grading packaging, a fruit fruit weight more than 100 grams; Chinese kiwi fruit two 80-100 grams, 70-100 grams of delicious kiwi fruit; three fruit 50-80 grams. The following are the same as the "

 2. Ripening kiwi fruit harvest, there is a ripening process. The higher the concentration of ethylene in the environment, the faster the ripening. Which can be used 1000PPM ethylene dipping fruit ripening, and early two weeks listed. Can also be used for the thickness of 0.05 mm polyethylene film, a box of a box of kiwi loaded, wrapped up the whole reactor, the use of the fruit itself to release the ethylene ripening. The following are the same as the "

3. Storage and preservation

3.1 pre-cooling can be forced to air cooling, cold storage or water cooling and other methods, the temperature down to or slightly lower than the storage temperature of 0-2 ℃. Water cooling must be dry in time to eliminate fruit surface water vapor. The following are the same as the "

3.2 Storage method Short-term storage of kiwi fruit (1-2 months), medium and long term storage (4-6 months) and long-term storage (6-8 months) can be carried out by means of storage at room temperature, low temperature storage and atmosphere storage. , Which is the most widely used low temperature storage. The following are the same as the "

In commercial production, in order to soften the fruit to achieve edible maturity, the fruit will generally be placed in the temperature of 15-20 ℃ conditions, with ethylene 100-500 ml concentration of 12-24 hours, and then at a temperature of 15-20 ℃ Conditions for a week, you can eat.

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