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Have you ever seen and tasted the kiwi that is a toot, like a drum Kiwi
Jul 27, 2017

Have you ever seen and tasted the kiwi that is a toot, like a drum Kiwi it is my hometown - pride of weeks.

Wild kiwi grows in the mountains, holding a long rattan, wrapped around other trees. Its leaves are rounded and have many ciliated teeth on the edge. Every year from April to June, the kiwi on the vine out of many shapes like umbrella flowers. At the beginning of the flower is milky white, and then gradually become yellow, about five petals. After the flowers have been to grow a small round of kiwi round, then gradually grow up.

Kiwi look like not look good. Round toot, like a thick waist drum, covered with brown hair, very rough, "waist drum" is also a long with a small pimple.

Different varieties, the size of kiwi is not the same, big kiwi apple so big, small only apricots so big. Kiwi mature, pinch up soft, as long as the skin stripped, to reveal the green flesh. There are many small brown seeds in the flesh. Peel some skin, hand gently pinch, mouth gently a suck, delicious fruit with juice into the mouth. Sweet with acid, sweet in the acid, wonderful words.

Dad said that it has detoxification, blood swelling, Qufeng dampness and other effects, as well as the role of anti-cancer. So people like to eat it.

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