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How does kiwi remedy after the summer rainstorm?
Jul 10, 2017

How does kiwi remedy after the summer rainstorm

Quickly clean up, finishing the orchard is a pair of kiwi fruit trees, pile, the root of the exposed kiwi fruit trees in a timely manner with the new soil training; the second is to clear the park side, the tank within the mud and rocks and dredge inside and outside the canal ditch, Three is to cut off the broken, loss of foliage, the rain continued to soak for more than 48 hours of plants, to remove some of the fruit; five flooded by the flooding; the other is to repair the damaged trees, Bagging fruit, should promptly release the paper bag.


The whole garden disinfection, increase the foliar fertilizer need to seize the rain after the weather turned sunny time, the whole garden carefully spray 2 to 3 times efficient fungicide and foliar fertilizer. Fungicides and foliar fertilizer use: 500 times 20% sodium dichloroisocyanurate +1000 times fruit vaccine +300 times super phosphorus and potassium, the main prevention and treatment of ulcer disease, early deciduous disease, improve plant resistance and fruit quality.


Plant conservation is continuously soaked in rain for more than 48 hours of plants, to claw the roots of the soil parts of the root. On the tree dish in the weeding, loose soil moisture. When the soil is dry, with beneficial soil applied 2500 times +70% methyl thiophanate 500 times or Alpine 2000 times + 70% methyl thiophanate 500 times for irrigation root, the amount of liquid per plant 5 Kg or so, to promote new roots and tree restoration.

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