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How does kiwi store? Room temperature or cold storage
Apr 24, 2017

【Storage】cold storage, kiwi to maturity and temperature level, to the late ripening! The The The temperature is low, cooked slowly. Of course, save a long time! 


【Remind】 kiwi fruits  will be ripen together  with bananas and apples , kiwi do not eat with milk. Because vitamin C and dairy products in the protein coagulation into the block, not only affect the digestion and absorption, but also people bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, so eat vitamin C kiwi fruit, must not immediately drink milk or eat other dairy products. In addition, kiwi cold, should not eat, spleen and stomach Deficiency should be Shensi, diarrhea should not eat, threatened abortion, menorrhagia and frequent urination





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