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How does kiwi make wine
Apr 14, 2017

Tools: soil jars, cartons, filter gauze, pots, small plastic pipes.

1  kiwi dry air vapor, installed in the carton ripening. (Cooked peach more than 60% of the wine rate, taste good; raw peach to do the wine more acid, only 40-50% of the wine rate)

2  the kiwi stripping fur on the soil jar in the natural fermentation (not peeling can also, but gently rinse, not long wash, dry, cut off the two, pinch break in the altar). Fermentation can not add wine, can not add water, hold any fermented medicine. Fermentation altar can not be filled, up to 2/3 full, when the bubble to swell foam, like the same as boiled milk, bubble to full pot. Fermented altar can not be closed strict, beware of increased pressure surge thigh jar.


3  fermented 3 days that smell the house full of wine, the surface of the bubble, then add sugar, ten pounds of kiwi plus 3 pounds of sugar, but do not add a finished, sub-2 - 3 times finished (fermentation period to join Sugar is not to increase the sweetness, mainly to the yeast to add nutrients to speed up the fermentation, the more sugar the higher the concentration of alcohol generated). Heard the earth cuckoo ring, from the big bubble, and every day with bamboo or stick stirring twice, so that fermentation evenly.

4  fermentation a week later, the kiwi fruit into a soup, soaked. If there are lumps inside, that is, fermentation is not complete, plus some sugar to continue fermentation 2 to 3 days, fermented after a good (fermentation is a good standard, no lumps, all water soup, the ball no bubble sound, Big bubble, stuffy, dip to taste, sour sweet or no sweet) with gauze care twice, pay attention to worry basin to be clean, do not stick water.

5  I thought out of the light yellow wine (with the color of the skin color, stripping the color of the light, but the taste better. Peach more, I am afraid of trouble, on the skin with the fermentation), continue to install in the original fermentation of the altar For the late fermentation of static Shen, if sweet enough to add some sugar fermentation, sugar can not be too much, more than the wine is very intoxicating. Fermentation period of the added sugar, plus the number of yeast to eat how much, yeast to eat peach and sugar to produce wine.


Post-fermentation should pay attention to: altar with plastic film closed, tightly not leak, with a meter to the long plastic pipe through the plastic film into the altar, but never reach the wine, from the wine To be higher, then the other end of the small plastic tube inserted in a large bottle of water (orange juice bottle or Coke bottle), the bottle is lower than the wine altar, the wine altar fermentation of the gas through the plastic tube, or to swell earthen jar. Small plastic tube inserted in the water is not the purpose of the air, so that the altar of wine into the bacteria pollution, late fermentation at least 20 days or more than a month, nine, October to do the wine, to the twelfth lunar month, opened Jar, gently forced face wine, altar at the end of the white yellow bottom of the residue, and then filter the other bottle, the same can eat. If you like to eat dessert ,add some sugar.

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