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How to Control Early Kiwifruit Leaves
Jun 13, 2017

Orchard grass: choose clover, vetch and other green fertilizer planted in the line, reduce the ground temperature, improve air humidity, improve the orchard microclimate conditions, ease the summer high temperature damage, reduce leaf burns leaves. Trees covered: no grass orchard, you can use wheat straw, wheat bran, corn stalks and other trees covered, the thickness of 10 to 15 cm, weeds on a small amount of soil, can reduce the ground temperature, increase soil organic matter content, enhance the tree Growing up. Reasonable load: strict buds thinning fruit, reasonable fruit, 3 m × 4 m line spacing orchard garden planted fruit about 480 fruit per mu yield control in 2200 ~ 2500 kg, to avoid excessive fruit lead to tree nutrient deficit The Reasonable summer cut: the growth season in time topping in addition to Meng, cut off the useless foliage, so that the orchard ventilation light well, bud growth robust. Scientific irrigation: depending on the moisture and reasonable irrigation, the morning leaves are not wet to be timely irrigation, to ensure that the orchard is not water; rainy season pay attention to drainage, to prevent waterlogging roots.


Prevention and treatment of pathogenic leaf spot

 Brown spot disease, black spot is the main disease leading to kiwi leaves, the pathogens are generally in the sick body on the winter, so the winter to remove the leaves, and with 3-5 Baume degree stone sulfur mixture Qingyuan, reduce the pathogen base.


Spring in mid to late April early infection began to chemical control, fungicide selection of fungal disease prevention and control of pesticides, such as 80% spray wettable powder 800 times, 40% carbendazim suspension agent 1000 times, Or 80% mancozeb WP 800 times, combined with pesticides and spray fertilizer, spray every 15 to 20 days, spray to be fine and uniform, pay attention to the use of agents to prevent bacteria to produce drug resistance.

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