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How to control the soft rot of kiwi fruit
Sep 13, 2017

Kiwi fruit soft rot is one of the important diseases in the production of kiwi fruit, mainly occurs in the ripening of kiwi fruit harvest, the performance of the flesh appears small finger size of the depression, stripped depression of the epidermis, the Ministry of the center of milky white, Yellow-green, surrounded by thick green was ring, flesh soft rot. So how to control kiwi soft rot? The following hot agricultural investment network to tell you about kiwi fruit soft rot prevention and control methods.

Kiwi soft rot symptoms

Longitudinal section of soft rot, soft rotten cone was deep inside the pulp, more from the fruit or fruit side of the onset, but also from the navel began, the initial appearance of the diagnosis difficult. The pathogen is gravioside and stems. This is a fungal disease. Usually in the high temperature and rainy season invading the fruit, and after the harvest to be revealed.

The law of kiwi fruit soft rot

Kiwi fruit soft rot fungi to mycelia, conidia and ascus shell in the dead branches, fruit stems on the winter. After the winter of the mycelia, conidia in the spring of the second year to restore activity, 4 to 6 months to generate spores, a new source of infection. Rainwater is the main medium of infection. 6 to 8 months spores distributed more bacteria spores spread generally not more than 10 meters, but there are strong winds, can spread to farther places. Conidia in the water easily germination, from the skin hole 24 hours to complete the infection, easy to infect young fruit, followed by successive infection until the harvest period.

After the bacteria invade, hyphae in the skin near the tissue lurking, fruit immature, mycelial growth is limited, the appearance does not show symptoms. But the mycelia in the fruit tissue continue to spread, since then, the symptoms are presented. Harvest before the onset of disease, resulting in fruit drop; storage in the disease, it will produce ethylene and other fruits of the storage of adverse effects; storage of fruit out of the library after the disease, will cause local softening, affecting consumption. The pathogen is the main disease affecting the storage of kiwi, the general cold storage storage in the storage period of 2 months, more than two months, rarely occur.

Prevention and cure of soft rot of kiwi fruit

Agricultural control. Strengthen the orchard management, re-apply the base fertilizer, enhance the tree vigor; reduce the garden shade, improve ventilation and light conditions; young fruit bagging; harvesting, transport to avoid the fruit Bumps; low temperature storage.

Chemical control. Spring sprout combined with other diseases with the prevention and treatment, spraying 3 ~ 5 Baume degree of lime sulfur mixture, 2 weeks after the flower to the fruit expansion period spraying 80% methyl thiophanate wettable powder 1000 times, or 80% Dan wettable powder 1000 times for control.

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