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How to determine the amount of kiwi load
Aug 10, 2017

First observe whether the plant shoots germinate and grow normally, mainly the growth rate and germination amount of the secondary branches after weaning. If the secondary branches of large amount of germination, strong growth that is appropriate to confirm the amount of load, or overload. Followed by observation of fruit growth and development. Within 30 days after the flowers, if the young fruit in a sustained rapid expansion of the trend, the expansion of intuitive obvious load is reasonable. 

Overload the tree, the fruit slowly slow or even wilt Yan stop. Watch the fruit color again. Load the appropriate fruit appearance of green, green, dark green or yellow green; overload tree, fruit color is light green, yellow, yellow, especially the peel background, green was light. Finally observe the tree potential performance. Overload the tree, the typical symptoms are wilting leaves (rain, noon, high temperature), leaves small round, dark green leaves, deputy shoots are not hair, shoots stop

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