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How to do kiwi fertilizer damage and prevent kiwifruit in summer
Aug 16, 2017

Summer is the critical period of kiwi growth and development, scientific management, can promote the effective growth, inhibit inefficient consumption, reduce technical errors, to improve production, quality and lay a good foundation. But due to unreasonable fertilization habits and methods, resulting in kiwi fruit loss in recent years is very serious. What happened to the kiwi fertilizer in summer? How does summer kiwi fertilizer prevent? Here to find out about it

Why is the occurrence of kiwi fruit loss in summer

Kiwi fertility is characterized by dry leaves, leaves, pith or lamellae, black (acute), or black veins (chronic). Usually at different times after fertilization. Especially in the rain after the sudden weather burst out. Fertilizer due to a large number of non-decomposed organic fertilizer, or fertilizer application is too large, too close fertilization, close to the root caused.

Prevention of fertilizer from the on-demand fertilization, scattered Sashi, with the water impingement, formula fertilization and other aspects. It should be noted that kiwi roots are fleshy root, high osmotic potential, intolerance of high-concentration fertilizers, especially water-soluble fertilizers, and therefore should be promoted after the cultivation or tillage, water and fertilizer operation, to avoid local fertilization Concentration, resulting in burning roots.

How to prevent kiwi fertilizer in summer

Control the total amount of fertilizer, formula fertilization, the annual total nitrogen per acre no more than 50 kg of pure nitrogen.

Attention to organic fertilizer application: Fall in October (or 10 days after fruit) into the application of not more than 3500 kg / mu of organic fertilizer, and add biological agents, multiple mineral fertilizer and 60% of fertilizer throughout the year.

Growing trees by yield, jin fruit (organic) fat. Organic fertilizer: fertilizer = 100: 1, organic fertilizer mixed with 1/5 bio-organic fertilizer. Mix 100 to 150 kg of superphosphate. Yield large or successive years of high yield plots, per acre plus 100 kilograms of medical stone powder. It can also be sprayed with 100 times liquid EM bacteria, or 100 times the liquid deodorant. Organic fertilizer stir well after the retting of the sprinkle, or sprinkle the spray fungus agent, the organic fertilizer into the soil.

Critical period suitable for top dressing fertilizer to fertilizer-based, master the leaves in the frame when applied to play the maximum fertilizer efficiency. Specific: (1) after the sprout, mainly nitrogen fertilizer, the application of compound fertilizer. (2) flowering to set fruit, the main nitrogen fertilizer, with the application of phosphorus, potassium compound fertilizer. (3) fruit enlargement period: 30 to 40 days after flowering. To phosphorus, potash-based. (4) attention to potash application: the whole year spray 4 to 6 times. Respectively, in the bud to fruit, fruit ripening period (8 ~ 10 months).

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