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how to do mask with kiwifruits(2)
May 17, 2017

Kiwi Almond Mask Exfoliating Kiwi is rich in vitamin C, the role of antioxidant, almonds contained in the fatty acids can make the skin stratum corneum softened, moisturizing skin care, two kinds of ingredients together to do mask, can nourish the skin, exfoliation, promote horny Cell metabolism, moisturizing, whitening skin, make the skin delicate and smooth, suitable for all skin parts other than sensitive skin. Kiwi almond mask practice: take kiwi 1 peeled into the juicer juice, almonds 5 ground into powder, add kiwi juice, then add 5 ml of honey stir well after the mask, 10 minutes after the water Wash it. Kiwi egg yolk mask wrinkled kiwi fruit is rich in vitamins, eggs are rich in protein and a variety of minerals, is a good helper for the skin to add nutrients, with kiwi and eggs together to do mask, can play a moisturizing skin, eliminate small Wrinkles, the skin will become white and slippery, suitable for all skin use. Kiwi egg mask practice: take kiwi 1 peeled into the stirrer into the mud, take the eggs of the egg white part and kiwi fruit and peeling together to the fruit and egg white thoroughly mixed, after cleansing will be evenly applied to the face of the fruit Department, wait 15 minutes after the wash with water can be.


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