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how to do mask with kiwifruits
May 17, 2017

Kiwi mask in addition to whitening and acne effect, but also has a moisturizing, and shrink pores of the effectiveness of anti-aging also has a certain role.

However, the kiwi mask these effects are based on the deployment of the basis of the direct use of kiwi attaining the skin is a great stimulating effect Oh, not only do not have skin care, but will damage the skin.

In the case of homemade kiwi mask, you can add cucumber or flour as before, or you can add honey, white vinegar, etc., different formulations, play a different role. Kiwi can also be made with olive oil, brown sugar, strawberry, yogurt and other substances made of mask, deposited in the face, refreshing cool, very moist Oh!

Kiwi mask sensitive skin can be used?

For sensitive skin, the use of facial mask and other skin care products need to pay special attention, although the homemade kiwi mask is a pure natural ingredients, but there is no lack of allergies to the crowd.

If it is sensitive to the skin, the use of kiwi mask, it is best to test their own under this matter is allergic to this material. Method stained with their own good kiwi mask, smear the position below the earlobe, and massage for a few minutes, after a while to observe the situation, such as no allergies, you can use.

This test method is effective for any skin care products

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