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How to manage kiwi in hot season
Jul 07, 2017

In the kiwifruit growing season, when the temperature above 35 ℃ continuous 10 to 40 hours and accompanied by drought, will lead to fruit plants, leaves, branches and other symptoms of necrosis, collectively referred to as heat damage, the need for scientific response.



Specification frame to promote the size of the greenhouse. Shelf space in the full fruit to cover the whole garden, to avoid the ground exposed.


Orchard grass in the undealed young orchard, to promote the orchard grass, change the plowing system, bake on the baking steam, reduce the heat damage.


Avoid high-quality cultivation of high-quality varieties, you can use the whole garden shade net structures, using dark cultivation to prevent direct light burning fruit trees.



Timely irrigation on the unguarded closure of the orchard, in particular, do not water storage of sandy land, in the high temperature comes when the timely irrigation, to maintain the appropriate soil moisture, in order to improve heat resistance; but for yellow clay type, if continuous irrigation, But because of soil permeability deterioration, will be prepared tree resistance, production should pay special attention.

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