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How to manage young kiwi
Aug 26, 2017

In the young age of kiwi fruit is more fragile, but also the most vulnerable to infection, so today to share some of the young kiwi how to manage the recommendations, the following brief for some young kiwi management methods.

Recommendation 1: between the lines of grass

The implementation of raw grass for the cultivation of kiwi fruit, is an excellent orchard soil management.

Growers in the kiwi after planting, in the line between the grass, grass when the line to the side of each plant to set aside 1 meter wide nutrient zone, keep the grass or plowing. Fertilization in the nutrition zone with farm manure and fertilizer, raw grass with only sprinkle fertilizer.

It is understood that kiwi Taoyuan current grass to red, white clover more. Clover for the leguminous perennial plants, heat and cold, resistance to negative Ye Hao, nodules also have the role of biological nitrogen fixation.

Recommendation 2: nursery intercropping

Nursery intercropping to select the timing and intercropping crop For kiwi juvenile intercropping problems, experts also give farmers some suggestions:

Kiwi colonization after 1 to 4 years, kiwi line between the wide, more open space, the growers can be intercropping, to achieve short support. But when the kiwi canopy has been covered by the ground, it is not appropriate to intercropping.

In addition, in the selection of kiwi interplanting crops, we should pay attention to not select high crop and rattan strong crops. Choose vegetables, mushrooms and strawberries are better, it is best not to plant soybeans, onions, because these crops and kiwi interplantation will kiwi ulcer disease high incidence.

In the kiwi juvenile intercropping, only intercropping between intercropping, strains do not intercropping. At the same time, pay attention to strengthening intercropping field management.

In the young kiwi garden implementation of a reasonable intercropping, can improve the micro-regional climate, favorable young trees grow, can make full use of light and land, increase economic efficiency, but also increase soil organic matter, improve soil training structure, improve soil nutrient content ; The use of intercropping the ground cover, can inhibit the weeds, reduce evaporation and soil erosion, wind and sand fixation effect. In addition can also reduce the amplitude of surface temperature changes, improve the ecological conditions, favorable root growth.

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