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How to pick kiwi fruit
Jul 12, 2017

Choose kiwi must choose the tip of the tip, like a chicken mouth, and do not choose flat like ducks mouth kind. The kind of duckbill is the use of hormones, chicken mouth is not used hormones or less hormones. Really cooked kiwi fruit is super soft, pick the color when buying the kind of deep, that is close to Khaki skin, which is a symbol of sunshine, and more sweet. Kiwi to pick the pedicle is tender green, this fresh. The overall soft and hard consistent, if a part of the soft, then it is rotten. The color is dark and sweet around the pick. Look at the hardness of the fruit gently touch the body again, choose the texture of soft fruit. Any hard or local soft point of the fruit, try not to. If you choose, go home immediately after eating. 

kiwi fruits.jpg

Look at the appearance of full size, no injury and disease of the fruit is better, close to the end of the part of the dark green revealed the best. The number of epidermal burrs varies from breed. Look at the size of small fruit in the taste and nutrition is not inferior to the large fruit, so do not blindly pursue large fruit, unusually large fruit do not choose. See the color of green flesh, sweet and sour kiwi the best quality, the highest vitamin content. Flesh is slightly lighter in color.

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