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How to pollinate kiwi artificial
Apr 18, 2017

Artificial pollination is an effective management technology to improve the quality of kiwifruit, should pay close attention to. Here are the application of several technical measures introduced as follows:

How to improve the quality of kiwi?

1 flowering put bee

That is, in the kiwi flowering period to every 3-5 acres of garden bee a box is appropriate, while attention to remove the weeds inside and outside the garden and there are flowers. If the garden near the flowering of other crops, this method should not be used.

2  pollen collection

In the male flowers with a lot of time to take back its stamens, placed in the indoor dry place, with a stove heating, so that the temperature to maintain 24-25 ℃ under the conditions of the 24-hour pollen basically scattered to be used.

3 artificial flowers and flowers

On the flower that is to be picked in the flowering of the open male flowers directly and open the female flowers relative to each flower of the male flowers to 5-8 female flower is appropriate, this method requires a large amount of male flowers. Point the flower is about to collect the pollen, with a brush dipped to give the female flower stigma above.

4 dusting

Will be collected pollen with artificial pollinators sprayed on the female flower stigma, if pure pollen, pollination fruit rate is highest, but the amount of pollen. To save pollen, without affecting the quality of pollination under the premise of adding a certain amount of dry starch, pine nuts, skim milk powder, adding the proportion of additives can not be higher than 20 times, this method in the rainy days of the best results. In case the rain can be formed in the female flower is not all the formation of bell-shaped, with artificial pollinators will be sprayed on the female flower stigma above.

5 spray

10 kg of 10% of sugar (mixed immediately after use without sugar or less sugar), plus 50 grams of pollen prepared proportion of pollen solution, spray with a sprayer. Sugar can prevent pollen from rupturing in solution. While increasing pollen vitality, improve pollination fertilization rate, can add 0.1% boric acid, it should be noted that this method should be used within 2 hours, preferably with the use. Kiwi artificial pollination should be noted that: early in the morning 8-10, 15-17 when the best results. At the same time to do a grant once a powder, until the end of flowering.

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