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How to prevent red spider during kiwi peeling period
Jun 08, 2017

The occurrence of the law in mid-late June began to occur red spider harm, in late July, high temperature and drought is the peak of the occurrence of harm, in late August to early September, insect damage gradually diminished, the ambient temperature below 26 ℃, mites breeding Will be inhibited, by the end of October into the winter.


Prevention and control methods according to the insects can be the following control, in mid-June before the onset or the occurrence of insects, the first spray, July, mid-pest eruption period for the second spraying, early August Consolidated third spray. Drugs can be used 2000 times the net removal of mite, but also can be applied to insects on the 4th + soft water pass 4000 times, or with Avic chlorpyrifos 3000 ~ 4000 times + soft water pass.


Kiwi red spider, should be the main defense: ① strengthen the garden water and fertilizer management, enhance the tree potential, improve the ability of fruit trees to pest and disease; ② kiwi before the sprout, the whole plant spray Shi Bo-type 3-5 degrees stone sulfur , To achieve the disease, insects, eggs and kill the purpose; ③ in the growing period of medication, try to use imported pharmaceuticals, such as kung fu, eliminate sweeping, etc., the red spider has a strong inhibitory effect in 6 to August continuous application 2 ~ 3 times, in order to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment.

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