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How to pruning kiwi
May 04, 2017

kiwi Pruning time: 15 days before falling leaves to 15 days before early spring sap flow.
Trimming object:
① the planting of young trees in the first plant at the base of the remaining three full-sprouting short stubs after the selection of the most sturdy branches for the trunk, the implementation of light-cut approach to its rapid expansion of the crown.
② 1 year after the growth into the juvenile tree. As far as possible the main vine on the results of the birth of the mother on the shelf evenly distributed in the promotion of the main vine, side vine and the results of the growth of the mother on the basis of the expansion of the results of the proportion of the results. The following are the same as the "
③ adult tree. Pruning to light, the results of the vine to carry out short cut, cut mouth generally stay 4 to 5 buds, on the long male, leaving 4 to 5 buds, so that germination 2 to 4 new shoots; the growth of healthy general nutrition vine, Cut the full length of 1/3 or 1/2, so that the results of the mother vine; on the long fruit, overlapping cross-cut 8 to 10 buds short stubs, the results of the mother leaves 5 to 6 buds, Weak stay 3 to 4 buds.
④ trees and trees with weak trees. The implementation of dendritic regeneration point to retain the growth of the mother vine base enrich the results of vine, can be retracted to the robust part of the mother too long, should be cut from the base of the latent buds cut off, so that latent buds germinate the robust new shoots.
Pruning after processing: no matter what kind of implant, after pruning in the knife in the mouth to apply the wound healing film, wound healing as soon as possible, anti-bacterial infection invasion and replication, insulation and cold; to cut off the dead branches and leaves in time Clean up the burning and treatment, thoroughly clean the garden, and deep turn the soil moisture, irrigation and fertilization, which can effectively kill the winter pests and diseases, greatly reduce the pest and overwintering base, and spraying new high-fat film insulation cold, pest invasion migration; Have to brush painted tree general, can be insulated antifreeze, choking sterilization, prevention and treatment of a variety of cortical diseases, to ensure safe winter.

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