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Kiwi can not store for 3-6 months in1-5°C
Apr 11, 2017

how ripening Kiwi:

 1. Raise the ambient temperature of the fruit. Kiwi storage environment, the higher the temperature, the more active fruit metabolism, the faster the faster.

2. Increase the concentration of ethylene to promote fruit ripening. The kiwi fruit into the plastic bag, and then cut the pear or apple mixed with the bag, and then sealed the mouth 3 to 5 days, you can cooked after cooked. Generally every kilogram of kiwi put a cut pear or apple, the more the pear or apple is loaded, the better the ripening effect. After ripe fruit has become soft, you can peel the food. For edible leather that can not be peeled.

How to Save Kiwi:


Kiwi can be placed in the sealed box at room temperature in about two weeks, during this time kiwi will gradually soften one by one, about two or three a day can be eaten, eat and then eat. This is the way most kindergartens eat kiwi, because it is impossible to buy a few pounds or hundreds of pounds at a time, which is mainly easy to store kiwi, nor one or two or two weeks to eat.

After buying kiwi fruit, it should be placed in the shade. Put the kiwi in the box or the bag, it is best not to completely sealed (if completely sealed, the next time there will be a rotten wine flavor). It is best not to put kiwi in a ventilated place, so easy to make the contents of the water loss, so hard to become harder, soft no water. About two or three days after the soft fruit can eat (the purchase is generally hard fruit).

Kiwi placed in the refrigerator (5 degrees or so, and other fruits or vegetables together) can be kept for about a month. Eat a few days ahead of time to take out, according to the following method to make the fruit soft after you can eat.

When picking soft fruit, you should restore the box that is not completely sealed. If you pick soft fruit found a lot of soft, and sometimes eat, you can open the box or bag or open the mouth of the bag. If two or three have not softened the fruit, you can put an apple or banana to kiwi, the box or bag and then sealed.


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