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How will the Chinese kiwi fruit reverse?
Sep 21, 2017

New Zealand produced kiwifruit popular world. Jiali New Zealand kiwi fruit in the industry to occupy a leading position on the fruit to take the industrialization of standard production methods, fine management, unified brand, unified promotion and unified channel sales, making New Zealand kiwi fruit sales in the world market in the world.

Selling the world's New Zealand kiwi fruit, it is the earliest from our China. Today's New Zealand kiwi is 10 times more expensive than our domestic kiwifruit.

In 2016, Qi Feng fruit kiwifruit exports to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian markets and China Taiwan region. Qi Feng kiwi fruit by virtue of good taste, high quality and other characteristics, positioning high-end market, become the new darling of these markets.

"If the agricultural products do not do the whole industry chain will not be the ultimate single product industry chain is really the direction of the development of leading enterprises." Qifeng fruit industry is to become a professional origin of fresh supply chain service providers, but Industry chain more than this. Qifeng fruit industry chairman Qi Feng said that in the base cultivation, acquisition and storage, sorting packaging, transportation sales on the basis of Qi Feng fruit industry started in the kiwi fruit tree seedlings and single product deep processing force, "to let China's kiwi walk To the world, is the cause of my life to pursue.

May 11th - 12th will be held at the Shanghai International Convention Center (Riverside Avenue 2727) organized by the iFresh fruit will thousands of people summit, we are very honored to invite Mr. Qi Feng, he will live for us about China kiwi counter Road.

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