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I love hometown kiwi.
Jul 29, 2017

My hometown in Nanyang, i love hometown kiwi.

Spring, kiwi branches like grapes grow on the shelf, a few months after the growth of new shoots, climb up the shelf until the results so far.


In the autumn, the kiwi was covered with fruit.

Kiwi is oval, like the size of eggs, green, covered with hairy hair fine hair. It is light green, mature after the tan. And so mature, take off one, peel the skin, you can see inside the green flesh, there are a lot of sesame seeds like the size, as long as you gently bite it, green juice suddenly flow down, your tongue is covered Juice, the tongue is also green. There is no ripe kiwi bitter and astringent, and mature kiwi sweet and soft, eat up a little acid, but eat it will not feel sour.

Kiwi known as "the king of fruit", it is rich in vitamins, nutritional value is very high, it can also be made of kiwi dry, fruit juice, can be stored for a long time.

I love home kiwi! I love my hometown more!

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