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Is red kiwi fruit genetically modified?
May 31, 2017

Red Kiwi is not a genetically modified fruit.

Red kiwi is a edible and medicinal as one of the fruit, trace elements in the calcium content is higher, the fruit of the calcium can be directly absorbed by the body, is a good calcium in the elderly, nutrient-rich.

Red kiwi is a new variety, is the Chinese kiwi fruit red kiwi varieties, is a very precocious red varieties, its offspring genetic traits stable, strong resistance, fruit larger, sweet and delicious flavor, more resistant to storage.

Fruit large, neat, generally fruit weight 60-110g, the maximum fruit weight 130g; fruit for the short cylindrical, peel was greenish brown, glabrous. Fruit juice special, sweet and sour moderate, refreshing refreshing; fresh, processing and superb, especially for the production of process dishes.

Hearts Kiwi

Hongyang kiwi total sugar high 13.45%, higher than the world's popular species Hayward nearly 5 percentage points, while the total acid only 0.49%, soluble solids 16.5%, rich in calcium, iron, potassium and other minerals and seventeen Amino acids, Victoria C up to 135, August late listing, the use of temperature control method can be stored in February the following year. Hongyang kiwi fruit heart cross section was radial red stripes like the sun, radiant, glamorous eye-catching, see the feast for the eyes, the food of the delicious, with blood beauty effect of the red pigment.

The red kiwi is a rare and excellent variety which is made by breeding the wild kiwi fruit. It has the following salient features: fruit is delicious, taste is good and its nutritional value is high. Fruit cross section along the heart of the purple lines were radial distribution, like the sun shining, colorful, so called "red kiwi fruit." Red fruit kiwi fruit varieties in the large and neat, the average weight of 100 grams, up to 150 grams; fruit short cylindrical, fresh meat, sweet and refreshing (fragrant type, sugar 18.5%), fruit small, fruit flavor.

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