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Is the kiwi fruit genetically modified?
Apr 27, 2017

In fact, red kiwiis not genetically modified. The kiwi is one of the varieties of kiwifruit. It is a rare and good variety which is made from the breeding of wild kiwi fruit. It belongs to the red kiwi varieties of Chinese kiwi fruit and is a precocious kiwifruit variety, which is independent of transgenic.

Red kiwi fruit peel was green and brown, the fruit was short cylindrical, fruit type head in the large and neat, surface glabrous, flesh green with yellow, fresh meat, sweet and sour moderate, fragrant and refreshing. As the heart of kiwi fruit heart cross-section was radial-like purple stripes, the shape of the sun light, it is also known as "red kiwi fruit."

Nutritional value of kiwi fruit

 1, red kiwi fruit high nutritional value, in addition to rich in vitamin C, vitamins, vitamins E, calcium, iron, potassium, cellulose and other substances, but also rich in other fruits are more rare folic acid, amino acids, carotene, And natural inositol. It contains a variety of amino acids, leucine, phenylalanine, isoleucine, tyrosine, alanine and so on.

2, red kiwi fruit is the most prominent feature of vitamin C is extremely rich in vitamins per hundred grams of vitamin 400 grams, and per gram of apple with only 9 mg of vitamin. Eat 1-2 hearts a day kiwi can meet the body of vitamin C and trace elements in the demand. Vitamin C has to help improve the body immunity, whitening skin, promote collagen production and other effects.

3, red kiwi fruit contains a lot of minerals, for high temperature weather to supplement the human body caused by the movement of electrolyte loss is particularly effective. Rich in dietary fiber, oligosaccharides and protein decomposition enzymes, can quickly remove the accumulation of harmful substances in the body, so as to prevent constipation, colon cancer, atherosclerosis. In addition, eat red kiwi can also stabilize the heart cholesterol content.

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