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Is titanium wire poisonous?
Aug 16, 2017

Titanium wire is a non-magnetic metal, in a large magnetic field will not be magnetized, non-toxic and with the human body tissue and blood have good compatibility, so the medical profession.


Pure titanium is a silver-white metal, it has many excellent properties. Titanium density of 4.54g / cm3, 43% lighter than steel, than the prestigious light metal magnesium slightly heavier. Mechanical strength and steel is almost, twice as big as aluminum, five times larger than magnesium. Titanium high temperature, melting point 1942K, nearly 1000K higher than gold, nearly 500K higher than the steel. Titanium wire is divided into: titanium wire, titanium alloy wire, titanium glasses wire, titanium straight wire, titanium wire, titanium wire, titanium with silk, titanium plate wire, titanium bright wire, medical titanium wire, titanium nickel alloy wire.

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