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It is said that the kiwi black seed is anti-cancer
Jul 31, 2017

Kiwi is a major specialty Jiangshan, but as Jiangshan people I have not tasted the taste of kiwi it When I was a child I saw kiwi no reason to feel sick, I think it looks ugly appearance is not beautiful.

A few days ago, my mother bought a few pounds of kiwi fruit. She told me that kiwi can be delicious. I would like to try to see how delicious the monkeys in the end, then hurriedly took out a kiwi from the plastic bag, carefully observed: kiwi grow ugly, it is oval, like yellow potatoes, Besides kiwi body also long short hair. Kiwi ass on the long round like a navellike thing. Mother said it was its navel. The head with a flat tip of the things, like a short horn like, may have a feature.

Looked at, looked, I just want to bite, my mother immediately shouted: "can not eat, can not eat ... ... now or hard, to be soft and cooked to eat." Mom also told me to add kiwi and apple Together with kiwi easy to soften, cooked quickly.

After a few days, I pinch the kiwi hand, it becomes soft. I peeled the thin yellow skin. Ah, inside the meat is green, I am a bite is the first feeling is sweet. There are dense black seeds, like sesame seeds as small, eat up sour. It is said that the black seed is anti-cancer

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