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jujube kiwi in Liaoning Dandong
Apr 26, 2017

Today, let's talk about the remaining two lines: jujube kiwi and hairy kiwi fruit. These two lines of artificial planting less, so the market is also difficult to see. It is estimated that a lot of kiwi fruit farmers have not seen these two lines, then we began to talk about the characteristics of kiwi kiwi have what characteristics!

First talk about the jujube kiwi it, for kiwi growers, most of the varieties of kiwi are not frozen, especially the Department of the Department of Hongyang, Jinyan, Jin Tao, etc., one winter should do the anti-freeze measures. When I tell you that the jujube kiwifruit is mostly distributed in the northeastern region, growers will not be surprised. Northeast of the winter temperature in the minus ten degrees, where the jujube kiwi how to live it?

When I first learned this fact, I was surprised. Suddenly laments the diversity of domestic kiwi! In the northeastern region, people also called jujube kiwi called soft jujube, round date, foreign jujube kiwi called "strange berry". Soft dates kiwi head is very small, mostly fruit only 10-30g heavy. Peel green, flesh emerald green, seen the jujube kiwi people will certainly be very impressed by it, because it is not like the common kiwi!

As the jujube kiwi skin thin, so intolerant transport and storage, in the market is also very difficult to encounter. Even if encountered, the price of jujube kiwi fruit is relatively high. Foreign imports of jujube kiwi fruit, most of the price of 100 yuan / kg or more. Domestic jujube price is 50-80 yuan / kg, although the sale is not cheap, but with the jujube "Yan value" has been the value of the price.

If the reader is very interested in the jujube, you can go to Liaoning Dandong where to see, where the distribution of wild wild jujube in addition to the wild kiwi, the artificial also planted a lot. Well, talk about soft dates, let's talk about the more rare hairy kiwi.

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