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Key points of kiwifruit cultivation
Apr 11, 2017

Kiwi is a kiwi fruit kiwi genus, is a deciduous vine fruit trees, rich in vitamins and nutrients, known as the "king of fruit." Has a high economic value and cultivation value. Suitable for planting in mildly mild, abundant rainfall, fertile soil, lush vegetation, soil with deep, well drained, moist medium-sized black humus soil, sandy loam and slightly acidic pH 5.5-7. The following are the same as the "

 First, choose the appropriate variety

 To red sun (red heart fruit), sea Walter, Bruno, Qingcheng No. 1, Qin Mei, Mili 1, Sichuan on the 2nd, Sichuan on the 3rd, Sichuan and other four-based. The following are the same as the "

Second, nursery

1. Rootstock cultivation

1.1 Collection: in early September - mid-October to collect fully mature fruit. After ripening, the fruit will be squeezed together with the seeds, into the gauze bag rub, so that the seeds and pulp separation, and then repeatedly washed with water, the clean seeds on the indoor spread out dry. The following are the same as the "

 1.2 seed sand treatment: the seeds with 40-50 ℃ warm water soak for 2 hours, then cold water immersion day and night, and then 50-60 days sowing sowing. Kiwi seeds in the sand during the process of fear of fear of wet, to check, ground flip, to prevent mildew. The following are the same as the "

 1.3 planting ① planting time: generally above 800 above sea level nursery is ideal, from mid-March to early April sowing. ② planting methods: First, nursery to choose in the soil deep fertile and irrigation and drainage and traffic conditions good place; Second, the land for the room, Shi foot fertilizer, remove debris, about 1 meter wide, the seed bed a little repression, pouring Permeable, the sand of the seeds with sand sowing. After sowing, sprinkle a layer of thick 2-3 mm thick sand, and cover the straw, grass spray or take plastic shed. Third, strengthen the seedbed management, to ensure the cultivation of robust rootstock seedlings. The following are the same as the "

 2. Grafted seedlings

 2.1 grafting period: about 20 days before germination is appropriate in mid-February to late March. The following are the same as the "

 2.2 grafting method to take a single bud cut and other methods, the specific is: election growth enrichment, the smaller part of the scion, cut with a bud of branches, 3-4 cm long. Choose the straight side of the cut off the cortex, cut the surface length of 2-3 cm is appropriate, the depth to reveal the xylem or slightly with the Department of wood is appropriate, will cut the face of a negative cut about 50 degrees short noodles. In the rootstock 10-15 cm from the ground at the cut anvil, select the smooth surface down a knife, cut length slightly longer than the scion surface, the depth of the same scion, the rootstock peeling 2/3; and then insert the scion, the scion size and the rootstock is basically the same ; Pay attention to the formation of the anvil spine alignment, and then wrapped with plastic graft film, exposed sprouts bud can be. The following are the same as the "

2.3 grafted seedlings management: First, 3-4 weeks after grafting, take the bud began to send, until the new slightly grow the basic aging can be removed after the bundled film. Second, the spring and autumn after the survival of seedlings, we must immediately cut anvil, cut mouth about 4 cm from the interface can be. After the summer buds survive, you can first cut anvil after the anvil. Third, in time to erase the germination of the rootstock is the key to survival. Fourth, nurseries to often cultivated weeding, pay attention to the weeding did not touch the newly issued buds. Fifth, in the bud after germination shoots, need to set up a pillar next to the bud, and the new shoots tied to the pillars. Six seedlings 60 cm high should be appropriate topping. Seven is combined with irrigation, can be applied into the human excrement, pig manure, etc., or in the water by adding 1% urea into the fertilizer in July may be appropriate to add superphosphate, promote seedling branches aging, full of buds. Eight is 7-8 months of kiwi seedlings take shade measures, bogey light direct exposure.

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