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Kiwi and our daily life
Jun 02, 2017

China Taiwanese scientists found that eating for two months before going to bed two kiwi fruit, bed to sleep time to shorten 39%, wake up in the middle of the night to reduce the time 43%, the total sleep time lengthened 14%. This is because kiwi is rich in calcium, iron and vitamin C, calcium can calm the nerves, thus helping to relieve the nervous central nervous system, thereby promoting sleep.

Allergy people should not eat kiwi fruit

Allergy groups generally have high vigilance against common allergens such as seafood, pollen, dust mite, and alcohol, but many people do not know the sweet and tasty, kiwi, which has the reputation of "king of fruit", can also cause allergies. Some people are allergic to kiwi, manifested as tongue numb, throat itching, may also develop oral mucosal edema. If there is difficulty breathing, through gas, which indicates that the laryngeal mucosa edema, severe can cause death, to timely medical treatment.

Doctors advise, allergic people must be careful to eat kiwi fruit, life should also try to eat or do not eat may cause their own allergic reactions to fruit and food, so as to avoid accidents. Once allergic symptoms should be timely treatment, so as to exacerbate the life-threatening.

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