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Kiwi apple mint leaves juice can freckle wrinkle
Apr 28, 2017

Hot summer came, your face can still have spots on it? Summer UV is the strongest, but also make the skin more melanin accumulation, lead to spot deterioration. What should we do if we encounter such a situation?

Its real life we have a lot of food can play freckle whitening effect, today we use kiwito create a freckle, together to see it!


Material: kiwi, mint leaves, apples
 1. Wash kiwi, peel, cut into pieces
 2. Apple cut (not peeled) to nuclear;

3. Put the mint leaves in the juice machine and break it

4. Put kiwi fruit, apple into a fruit juice, do it again after the average mix; in the greenhouse to drink, or after drinking can be refrigerated.


Kiwi known as the "fruit gold mine", it is rich in vitamins, especially with whitening effect of vitamin Q. In the role of kiwi, coupled with cool mint leaves, and the same nutrition of the apple, the effect is excellent and delicious!


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