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Kiwi can also help digestion, promote appetite
Jul 21, 2017

Far look like potatoes, near to see hairy, delicious look good, like a small Hericium. guess what this is? I tell you that it is kiwi

Kiwi shape is oval, the color was brown, the skin is very rough, with a lot of hair above the hair. If you pinch a pinch, hard state, it shows that it is not mature, so the taste is certainly sour, but also need to place a period of time, and so pinch up soft, and that taste delicious food. Cut with the knife, presented in front of you is the fresh green flesh, the central core is also covered with a small black seed around the formation of beautiful patterns, people look at the saliva DC. Eat in the mouth more of a sweet taste, really comfortable

Kiwi can also help digestion, promote appetite. Once I was sick and did not want anything to eat. This can be Mom and Dad to anxious, and coax me, what I want to give. But I just do not want to eat, my father said the benefits of rice that day, but I just do not want to eat. Later, my mother heard the older generation to eat kiwi. The next day, my mother bought half a catty kiwi give me the next day, I wanted to eat, and this credit is a kiwi it! It can not only appetizers, as well as thirst quencher distress function, cure urinary stone disease and other effects. Kiwi in the cellulose and pectin can promote the role of intestinal peristalsis. Kiwi can also be tonic antidote it! So that blood ginseng decreased liver function improved. It can also prevent cancer and treatment of hypertension and many other diseases. Children continue to use kiwi food 3 months later, can promote the development of intelligence.

Root medicine, detoxification, blood swelling, diuretic Tonglin; soil pesticides, can kill tea caterpillar, rice stem borer, aphids and so on. Stems with high viscosity gum, can be used for construction, papermaking raw materials. Leaves can be used as feed. Flowers can extract flavors. Fruit sugar, organic acids, especially vitamin C up to raw food, making jam.

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