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Kiwi can improve sleep
Jun 22, 2017

The nutritional value of kiwi fruit

1, kiwi is rich in vitamin C, A, E and potassium, magnesium, cellulose, but also contains other fruits are relatively rare nutrients - folic acid, carotene, calcium, lutein, amino acids, natural inositol. Kiwifruit calcium content is 2.6 times the grapefruit, apple 17 times, banana 4 times, vitamin C content is 2 times the orange. Therefore, its nutritional value is far more than other fruits.

2, kiwi is rich in vitamin C, can strengthen the immune system, promote wound healing and absorption of iron; it is rich in inositol and amino acids, can inhibit depression, add brain consumption of nutrients; its low sodium The perfect proportion of high potassium, can be added to stay up all night to lose the physical strength.

For male white-collar workers, kiwi more strange effect, it contains a lot of arginine, can promote blood circulation, improve sexual performance. For the elderly, almost no fat kiwi fruit contains rich pectin and vitamin E, the heart health is very helpful, can lower cholesterol. For young people and children, kiwi contains arginine and other amino acids, can strengthen the brain function and promote the secretion of growth hormone.

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3, the most valuable is that kiwi also contains other rare in the fruit of magnesium. For the beauty of the ladies, the kiwi is the most appropriate weight loss food. Because it is rich in nutrients but very low calorie, its unique dietary fiber can not only promote digestion and absorption, but also can produce a sense of satiety. Therefore, the kiwi is the best choice for weight loss and nutrition.

4, kiwi fruit juicy juicy, fragrant delicious, sweet and sour and pleasant, very rich nutrition. Its vitamin C content of up to 100-420g / 100mg, citrus, apples and other fruits several times or even several times, but also contains a lot of sugar, protein, amino acids and other organic matter and the human body needs a variety of minerals. According to the United States Rutgers University Food Research Center test, kiwi is a variety of commonly used fruits in the most nutritious ingredients, the most comprehensive fruit.

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Kiwi can improve sleep

Kiwi can improve sleep and its rich in a variety of antioxidants and high serotonin are closely related. A number of studies have shown that less antioxidants in the body will lead to poor sleep, and adequate sleep will help the body to store more antioxidants. Kiwi fruit with antioxidant properties of vitamin C and other nutrients can be effective in treatment of sleep apnea-related cardiovascular disease. In addition, kiwi is rich in serotonin is also a neurotransmitter. Studies have shown that low serotonin and depression and mood disorders are closely related, will directly affect the sleep.

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