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Kiwi fruit orchard winter cut, clean the garden
Sep 29, 2017

Kiwi fruit orchards in December to January two most important farming is the winter pruning and Qingyuan, the order is best to first pruning, after the park will be all the plant body cleared out of the park focused on the treatment, the best shallow turn a soil, And then the whole garden spray stone sulfur mixture, and finally tied vine. Before we introduced in detail the kiwifruit female winter pruning of the relevant knowledge and operation, then the previous details of the detailed knowledge and specific operation of the Qingyuan.

    Into the winter kiwi tree dormancy period, endangering kiwi pathogens and insects are also dormant state, they are mainly in the diseased leaves, dead branches, rotten fruit, hay, old bark, shallow soil and other places winter, and at this time to its Kill, is the most critical pests and diseases next year, but also the most effective preventive measures. The most practical way to kill overwintering pathogens and pests is Qingyuan.

Qingyuan the specific operation is as follows:

    1, remove the plant residues in the park

    The overwintering sites of pathogens are mostly decaying plant residues, such as winter cut cut branches, leaves and stalks remaining on trees, old bark, fallen leaves, rotten fruit, dry weeds, etc., so these debris Clear the park outside the deep burial or incineration, which can effectively reduce the source of infection.

    2, flip the topsoil

    If the labor conditions permit, after the completion of the above work, spray Shi Shi Mi before the solution, the pine area 10 ~ 15cm topsoil, destruction of bacteria, pests of the winter environment, combined with the stone after the spray mixture, can greatly improve the Qingyuan Of the pest and disease prevention effect.

    3, spraying stone sulfur mixture

    The whole garden sprinkles 3-5 degrees of stone sulfur mixture, tree, weed, soil, column, road ditch, garden fence or plant and so on to be sprayed. Spray the tree, spray from top to bottom, until the branches have droplets flowing. In layman's terms, the equivalent of a lime mixture to the whole garden to take a bath.

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