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kiwi fruits orchard is also natural oxygen bar
Apr 25, 2017


Bright spring, mountains such as Dai. Orioles fly grass long, field a green. This spring rain full, blink of an eye to kiwi pick the tip of the pick when the flowers, the use of rest days, happy to dry the day, and the land close to close, and kiwi fruits exchange experience, orchard is also natural oxygen bar


I quietly looked at the foot of the ground, from small parents to say that the domestic production of gold, the soil can produce all things. The lack of food in the era, there will be able to save lives, the parents love the situation without words. And I do not, I grew up in the peace and prosperity, did not experience the torture of hunger, the land is always aloof, if there is no attitude. With the approaching retirement approaching, it felt the land of the cordial, he let you appreciate the beauty of nature, comprehend the fun of labor, enjoy the fruits of harvest pleasure, sentimental land of selfless great. Is the land raised human beings, no land, there is no human reproduction, he and air as important.


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