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Kiwi grafted in summer
Aug 12, 2017

Kiwifruit graft survival in July the highest rate of healing tissue growth firm, rarely grafted after the phenomenon of shoots. At this time graft growth strong, easy lignification and storage of nutrients, winter is not susceptible to frost damage. Grafting method to single buds and single buds grafting high survival rate, good growth. With the xylem bud bud survival rate is also high, but growing poor. In the process of grafting in the summer to pay attention to two points, one is to save scion. Summer high temperature, cut the scion to be kept in the shade, to maintain a certain degree of humidity, to prevent dehydration shrinkage; the second is to prevent the ulcer disease into. Be careful not to cut spikes from the garden with ulcer disease. All the tools used in the orchard of the ulcer disease, such as scissors, saws, knives and so on with alcohol scrub disinfection and then use, to reduce the human transmission of ulcer disease.

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