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kiwi growth habits
Aug 02, 2017

Kiwi fruit flesh and more fat, fragrant, sweet and sour, resistant to storage, therefore, by the people's favorite. This article mainly elaborates the production management technology of mud peach from five aspects: the growth habit of kiwi, the requirements of growth environment, the planting management of kiwi and kiwifruit and the timely sale.

First, kiwi growth habits

1. Root and root growth in the hard soil layer is shallow, the growth in the loose soil in the distribution of deep, kiwi is shallow root plants, intolerance drought, cultivation and management should pay attention to deep turn soil, root , Keep the soil moist.

2. Dendritic, kiwi is a deciduous vine plant, its man can be up to 10 meters long, the main man one or several. The main vine grows on the side of the vine, its annual full of full vine, the formation of mixed buds called the results of the mother vine, the following year from the results of the mother to grow the results of the flow of flowers. According to the growth of the branches and the results can be divided into long vine, the general growth of vine, the results of vine Often grows, often grows long, and some long 7 meters long, internodes longer, the organization is not substantial, the upper part of the secondary life sometimes twigs. Ordinary growth growth medium medium, about 10-30 cm long, can form a good result mother vine. (10-30 cm), the fruit branches (10-20 cm), short fruiting branches (5-10 cm) long fruit branches for the results of the number of buds on the buds (30 cm), long branches (20-30 cm) Germination of the branches, then knot a small amount of fruit, and can be the result of the next year the mother vine. The rest of the results of the results of the branches of the middle and lower part of the mother, internodes shorter, more from the terminal buds or 2-3 buds outside the occurrence of dendrites. Continue to grow the results, light and malnutrition of the short fruiting branches easy to die.

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