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Kiwi is a yellowish brown fruit
Jul 28, 2017

Kiwi is a yellowish brown fruit, its body length of about 8 cm, a thin hair looks like a jumping monkeys. Inside the flesh is green, there is a grain like sesame seeds like black seeds. Although it is not surprising, but was hailed as "the king of fruit", "beauty fruit", "health fruit", by the people of all ages.

Kiwi not only unique flavor, and high nutritional value, each hundred grams of fresh fruit contains vitamin C100 ~ 420 mg, higher than the sweet orange 1 to 7.5 times higher than citrus 5 to 10 times higher than the apple 20 to 30 times the content of almost Higher than all the fruit.

Kiwi can be delicious, peel the surface of a layer of hairy skin, you can eat inside the delicious flesh. Kiwi fruit is delicious, although a bit sour, but its unique flavor is enough to make up for its shortcomings. Kiwi also appetizers to help digestion, promote appetite, and have thirst to relieve trouble, cure stones and other effects. Not only these, kiwi can also be used as an antidote to mercury, so that mercury drops, if you mercury poisoning, you have to eat more kiwi Oh!

Look, kiwi is how delicious, how nutritious ah A child, I often eat kiwi, my sister also like to eat. Tingda people said that children continue to use kiwi products three months later, can promote the development of intellectual, kiwi fruit how much ah!

Look, this little kiwi as much as so much nutrition, he brought us a healthy, brought us sweet, you said kiwi is not the so-called "king of fruit" ah?

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