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Kiwi is the fruit of today's world of wind
Jul 14, 2017

Kiwi is the fruit of today's world of wind, known as the "king of fruit." The fruit contains rich, unique nutrients, the human body has a special role in health care. Especially vitamin C and 17 kinds of amino acid content and combination ratio, the human body's gastrointestinal cancer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and other diseases and children's brain and other aspects of a specific health care effect.

In 2009, Shaanxi Province kiwi area reached 58 million mu, the output of 500,000 tons, respectively, over the previous year increased by 38.6% and 42.9%, becoming the country's largest kiwi province, total output accounted for nearly three of the world's total One by one.

Shaanxi Qinling Mountains, the south of the Weihe River region for the kiwifruit eugenics, the Shaanxi provincial government in recent years decided to build here in the northern hemisphere kiwi fruit production, sales and processing of an important base. In 2009, the Shaanxi provincial government and kiwi major cities, counties introduced a series of preferential policies to promote the development of kiwi industry, the provincial financial subsidies for new mu of 200 yuan per mu, municipal and county subsidies not less than 100 yuan, which A preferential agricultural policy to expand the area of eugenics, promote the rapid development of kiwi industry has played an important role.

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